This chapter explains the keyword and the search query research process – a core concept of ecommerce SEO that is important for both users and search engines. You will learn how to perform the research with users in mind, and discover how to tie the buying funnel and user intent to the research. It will touch on creating personas that can be later used to create a content marketing strategy by mapping user intent to content. Here’s an extract from this chapter:

“While SEO is the abbreviation for “search engine optimization”, SEO experts don’t improve how search engines work; they optimize for search engines. And because the main purpose of search engines is to be helpful to the people who use them, SEO would be better thought of as optimizing a website for users and for search engines.

The search trifecta includes three entities:

  • The user
  • The search engine
  • The website

When performing keyword research, SEOs very often skip the user and jump straight to the search engine. This chapter describes what I believe is a better approach to keyword research: start with the user, then move to the website, and finally consider the search engine.

In this book I refer to keywords and queries interchangeably, but there’s a subtle difference between them.[i] A search query is a series of words users type into a search engine. A keyword is the abstract concept within a search query. A short query can be one and the same as the keyword.

[i] Keywords vs. Search Queries: What’s the Difference?,

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