The importance of external links for rankings is a well-documented SEO fact, and conventional SEO wisdom. However, it is less known that internal links can impact rankings as well. This chapter shows how to improve an ecommerce website by optimizing its internal linking structure. You’ll learn about the concept of uncrawlable links, how to assess the existing internal linking structure, and how to avoid the perils of over optimizing the internal linking. A short extract from this chapter is presented below:

“Ecommerce websites come with an interesting advantage: the large number of pages allows a large number of internal links to be created. The larger the website and the more links pointing to a page, the more influential that page is. Strangely enough, although SEOs typically know that the more links you point to a page, the more authority the page receives, many SEOs still focus on getting links from external websites first.

But why not optimize the lowest hanging fruit, the internal links, first? When you optimize your internal linking architecture, you don’t need to hunt for backlinks. You need to increase the relevance and authority of key pages on your own website by creating quality content (which attracts organic traffic and possible links) and interlinking pages thematically.

Let’s see how ecommerce websites can take advantage of internal linking to boost relevance, avoid or mitigate duplicate content issues and build long-tail anchor text to rank for natural language search queries.”

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