This chapter breaks down the most frequent and important sections found on ecommerce home pages, and describes how to optimize each of them for better search engine visibility and user experience. I show how to optimize the primary navigation menus, marketing and merchandizing areas, and how to create plain text content that search engines reward. Here’s a brief snippet from this chapter:

“Before getting into the details, remember that when optimizing home pages (and all other pages, for that matter) for search engines, it’s highly important to balance SEO with user experience and business goals. Generally, you don’t want too many links on the home page, and you want important links in prominent places. Also, the decision to add, remove and/or consolidate links on the home page needs to take users into account first, and only then accommodate search engines.

Let’s identify the sections that appear most frequently on ecommerce home pages, and discuss SEO tactics specific to each:

  • Logo (e.g., graphic logo, tag line).
  • User account (e.g., register, sign in, my account and order tracking).
  • Site personalization (e.g., country/currency selector, store locator).
  • Search field.
  • Primary navigation.
  • Cart (shopping cart, checkout).
  • Marketing area (e.g., sliders, promotional banners, featured products, top categories, most popular deals, brands, etc.).
  • Promotional area (e.g., wish list, gifts).
  • Help (e.g., FAQ, live chat, contact us, help center).”

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I am Traian, the author of the Ecommerce SEO book. I have more than 12 years of research and practical experience in SEO, my favorite area of digital marketing. When consulting and providing recommendations I like to take into account more than just the search engine: I consider information architecture, user interface and experience/usability issues. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, follow me on Google+ or on Twitter

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