In the final chapter you will learn how to optimize product detail pages (PDPs). While the focus of the product detail pages is to convince and convert, conversion has to be balanced with SEO. I break down the most important sections of product detail pages, and look at ways to optimize for a better search experience: URLs, images, videos, product descriptions. You will also find out how to handle product variations, thin content and product naming. Below is a quick excerpt from this chapter:

“Discontinued products are products that have reached the end of their lifecycles.[i] For example, Canon stopped manufacturing the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III model in 2012. Sometimes EOL (end-of-lifecycle) products are replaced with a newer model (Canon EOS-1D X replaced the older model), but other times they are discontinued for good.

If a product is replaced with a newer version, you can 301 the old page to the latest page. If possible, alert users with a message that the product they are seeking has been discontinued but replaced with a new one. The product name should not be close to the text “not available” in the source code, otherwise “not available” may show up in the SERP snippet. You can even place the non-availability message in an iframe or JavaScript to avoid that.

Because the target market doesn’t immediately stop searching for a product when the manufacturer discontinues it, you should redirect the users only after you notice a decline in the search demand for that product, or when all stocked items are sold out. Until that time, you can add a notice to the page announcing that the product has been discontinued, then eventually link to the newer version.

Some prefer leaving both pages alive indefinitely, with or without a notification message, depending on stock availability (after all, if you still have the discontinued item in stock, you want to sell it).

[i] End-of-life (product),

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